Who needs cereal bowls?

19 Apr

I have a great collection of martini glasses, but I never use them.

First, it’s not too terribly often that I mix a martini at home. Second, martini glasses are a pain in the ass. They’re beautiful, yes, but that shape is in no way conducive to drinking. Especially alcohol.

But this morning, while prepping my breakfast and staring at two martini glasses that I’ve yet to put away (they live in the tippy toppy shelf and are a pain to put back), I had an epiphany.

I should eat my cereal out of my martini glasses.

It’s perfect. I don’t often milk my cereal. And when I do, I barely add anything. So my breakfast won’t go sloshing over the rim.

Plus, my oversized martini glasses are the perfect size for a cup of cereal (my other bowls hold much more than the recommended serving size, after all).

And it was once quite trendy to use martini glasses for mashed potatoes. Why not use them for breakfast? They just sit in my cabinet collecting dust. Might as well get more use out of them.

I’m so excited about tomorrow morning! My Kashi cereal is going to look so posh. Breakfast just got better. Now to move those pesky bowls to the tippy toppy shelf where they belong.

The classiest way to eat Fruit Loops.


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