Dessert pizza has come a long way since Cici’s Pizza.

11 Apr

This weekend, I had the pleasure of eating at Il Cane Rosso, the newest Neopolitan-style pizza joint in Dallas.

And the pizza is great (which is saying a lot since my heart belongs to Olivella’s). I devoured the seasonal pie, which was topped with eggplant slices, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese. It was tasty tasty yummy good.

But the savory pie wasn’t what stirred my engine.

When our server mentioned dessert, the King of Awesome and I looked at each other thinking the same thing: Dessert !?!?!?!??! It was lunch; we really weren’t thinking to eat dessert.

But then we heard about the Bella Mela. A heavenly mix of caramelized apples (which I think were soaked in brandy for 36 hours), caramel, vanilla bean mascarpone cheese, and love. All resting atop the Cane Rosso’s perfect crust.

It was so good, I went blind.

I’ll definitely be going back. Again and again. It’s worth the bad vision; trust me.

Il Cane Rosso is located in Deep Ellum across the street from Twisted Root Burger Co. They also have a mobile cart which shows up at certain locations. Follow them on Twitter for the latest info.


Cici's ain't got jack on Il Cane Rosso's apple pizza.


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