There’s a bar on my jogging trail.

6 Apr

A while back, I wrote about the appeal of eating while working out.

Well, thanks to the Katy Trail Ice House, I might be able to drink while working out.

Dallas’ newest beer garden sits right on the Katy Trail, so if you aren’t having a post (or pre) run beverage, you can slam back a cold one as sweaty joggers and bikers zip by your table.

The place is massive. The patio/back yard is massiver. I was there on Opening Day to watch the Rangers smear whoever-it-was, and the place quickly filled up, but it never became annoyingly crammed.

There’s a menu with the usual bar food and the beer selection looks promising. Since they technically weren’t open yet (soft opening week, I suppose) most of the taps were unlabeled. But I heard mentions of Moose Drool and St. Arnold’s. Me likey.

They also serve beer in schooner glasses, which is really just a novelty thing. But fun.

The Katy Trail Ice House is located at 3136 Routh Street in Dallas (near Texas de Brazil). Check it out and let us know what you think.

Perfect place for your post-workout pint.


One Response to “There’s a bar on my jogging trail.”

  1. hedish April 6, 2011 at 4:34 PM #

    love this place! reminds me of houston. glad dallas is finally catching up with the icehouse concept. 🙂

    they’re still in their soft opening, so they only have a couple of things on their menu. and it took us 2.5 hours to get some cheese fries.

    that was not a typo. 2.5 hours. but they gave us the food for free…

    so stick to the cash bar/kegs in the back and stay away from food until they get everything together!

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