Raw Honey: Good for Those with Allergies, Unless …

24 Mar

The word on the street/the Internet is that if you suffer from seasonal allergies (those usually caused by pollens) then eating raw, local honey will help you out.

Reason being that bees hang out on the flowers and then make the honey from those flowers. And then you eat the stuff, and your digestive system is better at handling allergens that your nose and lungs. In a nutshell, anyway.

But what if you’re so drastically allergic to pollen that even your digestive system can’t put the kibosh on reactions? What if the recommended spoonful of local honey doesn’t help you create antibodies, but is actually anti your body?

What if you’re me? That’s right. Local honey gives me hives. And it kills me. Because it’s so freaking good. But not good enough to die for.

Hey, you honey buzzers, get off of my candy!


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