For You Tea Freaks

7 Mar

I tolerate coffee because it’s what all of the cool kids drink. But truth be told, I have never been a coffee lover.

However, I’ve always been a tea drinker. Ever since I was a little kid. My mom would give me sippy cups of tea when I was stumbling around the house. I know most parents would totally frown upon that, but it was the 80s and people weren’t paranoid of caffeine yet. (hey, at least it wasn’t coke).

At restaurants, I would order hot tea. Waiters always looked shocked at the  eight-year old squeezing lemon, stirring honey, and drinking cup after cup of hot tea. I was a pro. And I loved that freaking stuff.

And now? Well, I probably don’t sweeten my beverage of choice as much, but I still drink at least four or five cups a day. Hot, cold, herbal, black, green, rooibos. I love it all.

And I’ve discovered an even easier way to make it: the Teavana Perfect TeaMaker.

It isn't sea monkeys. It's tea.

Unlike using a tea ball, this crystal-clear device doesn’t leave tons of dregs to camp out in your teeth. And it’s cool as hell. Put in your tea. Fill it with hot water. Watch the tea dance. Then you rest it atop your mug and the tea comes out the bottom.

It’s fool proof.

If you’re a tea lover, go and treat yourself with a Perfect TeaMaker. You won’t be sorry.


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