I need a Girl Scout STAT!

1 Mar

I love this time of year. I love the weather. The time change. But most of all, I love the Girl Scout Cookies.

Like clockwork, February and March sail in with droves of little girls in green invading strip malls and Walmarts around the U.S., bringing with them the most delicious cookies ever baked.

Whenever I see a Girl Scout, I run in her direction. It’s like the fight-or-flight response that mammals have, only different. And way more violent. Once I ran straight through an F-250. True story.

But for Thin Mint cookies, it was worth it.

A more perfect cookie never existed. Could never exist. Will never exist! Unless you compare Thin Mints to Thin Mints that have been in the freezer for a while.

Holy moly mother of mint!

First, you have the thin layer of heavenly, minty chocolate that could only come from the most blessed tears of the most holy lamb. Then, you have the crunchy, dark cookie inside. The combination of the softer chocolate with the crispness of the cookie is enough to send one into sensation over load.

I want them all of the time. And I only get them this time of year.

Even if it was a documented fact that eating Thin Mints causes anal bleeding, I’d still tip the Girl Scout five bucks and open the box on the way to my car (after lining the seats in plastic).

Some things are simply worth the pain, after all.




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