The don’t-eat-at-night rule is stupid.

23 Feb

Nutritionists, health experts, and scientists (read: bloggers who think they are nutritionists, health experts, and scientists) are always saying that if you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat at night.

I think that’s crap. Eating at night is my favorite time to eat. Especially cereal (which is bad for you), and bread (which is really bad for you), and candy (which will kill you).

Eating at night is no different than eating during the day with the exception of daylight. And I have lamps and electricity to help me see while buttering my 10 o’clock piece of toast. So I’ll continue to snack before bed.

Besides, Gizmo turns into a Gremlin if fed after midnight.

And Gremlins are quite slim compared to Gizmo.

Go ahead, Giz, eat the rice.


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