I’m going to eat while working out.

10 Feb

Long story short, I work out because I love to eat. If food wasn’t so delicious and so fattening, my treadmill time would easily turn into couch time.

That’s about to change. Because I’m going to eat while working out.

Burn calories as I eat calories. It’s ingenious.

Here are some of the workouts I’m going to attempt.

Sandwich Biceps Curls

In one hand, a dumbbell. In the other hand, a sandwich. Lift the weight. Lift the sandwich. Bite. Enjoy. Do 30 reps, biting the sandwich every few lifts. Then switch the remaining food with the dumbell and repeat with the other side.

Soup Pushups

Soup is slurpable. So place a bowl under your face as you do pushups. As you near the ground, take a mouthful of warm soup. This also works with mashed potatoes.

Corn Dog Pull Ups/Chin Ups

One of the problems with pull ups and chin ups is cheating. Not many people drop down far enough in between pulls. So suspend a corn dog from a string and have it hang to where you should drop. This way, you can have a tasty reward before lifting yourself again.

Crazy Candy Ivans

Crazy Ivans, for those of you who don’t know, are when you’re seated and you have a medicine ball in hand. You tap the floor next to you with the medicine ball, lift it past your face, and then hold it up in the air over the opposite shoulder from where you started. This is way more fun when you’re wearing a candy bracelet.

I’m going to be so fit and full when this is all over. Hopefully.


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