Candy Mountain Cocktails

7 Feb

Through the magical powers of Facebook, my husband and I discovered Four Lounge, where we met “Molecular Mixologist” Keith.

Four isn’t a bar, it’s a lounge. But it’s not one of those hoity toity, gotta be seen types of places. It’s more of a tiny you’d-walk-right-past-it-if-you-didn’t-know-it-was-there type of lounges.

And they specialize in awesome mixed drinks.

For example, the Cotton Candy Martini, homemade cotton candy stacked high, and then dissolved with a crisp, icy martini.

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It made me feel like a kid again, only a really sophisticated kid (after all, it made my tongue blue). The final sip tasted like the circus, only without the unfortunate scent of elephant dung and sad lions in your nostrils.

They had plenty more to offer for the savory tooth as well as the sweet tooth (although I hear the cupcake martini is to die for).

Husband had an applewood smoked bacon Old Fashioned. His opinion? “It’s perfect balance of whisky, honey, and meat.” How Ron Swanson son of him.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a chill place to drink something chilly, check out the Four Lounge in Uptown. The price is right (most drinks are around $10, and they’re worth it for the show alone), and the atmosphere is laid back. Tell them Yummy Awesome sent you.


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