Dessert Doctor did it all for the Cookie. Yes, that Cookie.

4 Feb

A contribution from the Dessert Doctor. Grab a warm glass o’ milk and honey, and enjoy.




First off, I am not a doctor. I only write as one on the PC.

Just kidding; PCs can suck it. I write on a Mac.

As a cookie connoisseur, and self proclaimed Dessert Doctor, my palate is accustomed to sugary substances and the intricacies of baked goods. So imagine my surprise when I discovered the chocolate chip cookie from Urban Eatz! Normally, I do not advocate assembly line cookie consumption i.e. the Kroger bakery and airline-baked goods. However, Urban Eatz has perfected mass cookie distribution, and is now fattening up Las Colinas in the most pleasant of ways. If soft cookies are your pills, these will tickle your tongue, and resurrect your inner fat kid. I have already inquired, and no, they do not sell the dough in I.V. form.

Every great doctor has someone to test theories. Thus, to test my taste, I wrapped the delicious delight in a napkin and delivered it safely to my wife. She ate the cookie, fainted, and I carelessly blew my chocolate breathe in her face to stir her. This process failed as she continued to fade from my chocolate cookie halitosis. In the morning, she made love to me to prove that the cookie was not sweeter than her. This was an unexpected benefit of the Urban Eatz cookie, and I recommend others play their hand in a similar manner when dealt the appropriate circumstances.

If you are in need of a tasteful remedy, then get thee to Urban Eatz. I am the Dessert Doctor, and I prescribe you two cookies to be eaten daily. Eat one for breakfast, and one after dinner. Continue this antidote ‘til your soul is warmed.


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