My resolution for 2011? Eat more meals in first class.

6 Jan

Until recently, most of my flying experiences were spent smushed between two fellow passengers in a very uncomfortable and often starving flight.  But all that changed on December 31, 2010 when I was magically escorted from the filth of the cattle pen to the luxury of the First Class Cabin. (Initial caps completely warranted.)

I have no idea how this happened. Nor did I ask any questions for fear someone at American Airlines might change their mind. I simply strutted to my seat and allowed the flight attendant to stow my luggage, take my jacket and bring me a glass of wine. I sipped from my real glass and disdainfully looked down my nose at the noisy, uncouth peasants still boarding. How dare they disrupt my pre-takeoff cocktail? There was so much space between me and the passenger seated next to me that it was like having my own row. And there was enough legroom to seat even the lankiest of NBA players comfortably.

But the best part was the food. While the scrubs in coach were scrambling for crumbs between the seat cushions and fighting over the three $13 soggy sandwiches on board, I dined on a gourmet five-course meal. Which might I add, was served on real plates with real silverware and real cloth napkins. Clearly, terrorists don’t fly first class. Or if they do, they are too sated to stab anybody.

American Airlines Flight 1553 Menu: December 31, 2010

To Start: Warm mixed nuts (Not peanuts – cashews and almonds!)

Appetizer:  Mojito shrimp & somen noodles

Salad: Fresh seasonal greens accompanied with a chile cucumber salad

Bread Basket: Assorted artisan breads

Main Course: Stuffed chicken served with sage sauce, roasted squash and wild rice with apples, cranberries, and roasted pecans

Dessert: A selection of seasonal fruit and fine cheeses

Light Refreshment: Freshly baked on board cookies

Did I say five-course? I meant seven. Silly me. This is of course, on top of all the free beverages. And I don’t mean pop. Although those were free, too.

All in all it was a delectable way to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011. Here’s hoping that the rest of my year is an upgrade as well.

Ooh la la to me!


One Response to “My resolution for 2011? Eat more meals in first class.”

  1. Queen of Awesome January 6, 2011 at 8:59 AM #

    Wow. And I thought I was balling with Southwest gave me peanuts.

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