One Candy Came to Rule Them All

4 Jan

Yesterday, it occurred to me that I didn’t eat a single candy cane over the winter holiday season.

Not a one.

This is extremely unusual considering candy canes usually show up on cards, in candy bowls, in the X-mas tree. They’re unavoidable. Yet I’d accidentally managed to avoid them.

I was depressed. I love candy canes. And the fact that I hadn’t tasted that shock of peppermint in recent memory was mind boggling.

Luckily, my local market had all of their holiday candy on sale, including big ass candy canes.

Huge candy canes. The kind that make kids cry in excitement. The kind you need two arms to lift. The kind that giants pick their teeth with.

I selected a classic peppermint, jumbo, monstro candy cane.

I’d show you a picture of the minty wonder, but I greedily ate it all as I worked last night. Oh well. I guess you’ll have to settle with Minty the Christmas Candy Cane Who Briefly Fell on the Ground.


Team Coco all the way across the sky.


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