Mulled wine is the shiz-nit.

3 Jan

Over the holiday season, I discovered a new favorite.

Mulled wine, which I’m still not sure what it means. And I have no idea the origin because I’m in a hurry and don’t have the time to look it up.

But know that it’s a warm drink that soothes the soul and heats up the heart. And leaves your head spinning in that happy way that only hot drinks and wine can.

I drank a lot of this stuff over the hiatus. And then I got my friends to drink a lot of it too. And it’s surpassed hot toddies as my favorite wintertime alcoholic treat. At least this season.

Anyway, you can enjoy the spiced-wine merriness, too. It’s easy-peasy-pie to make.

  1. Pour a 750mL (standard) bottle of merlot or cabernet (or any red, really) into a pot and let the wine simmer. I admittedly didn’t know what simmer meant, so for you non-cooking folks, just put the stove on the lowest heat. The wine will eventually bubble, which is cool.
  2. But before it gets hot, toss in two or three cinnamon sticks. An orange peel (if you’re using a big orange, about half of it; if you’re using clementines, two or three) divided up–and size doesn’t matter. Add about a cup of sugar. And if you’re feeling spicy, throw in some cloves.
  3. Let this concoction of awesome hang out on the stove for about twenty minutes. Then ladle it into a cup garnished with some orange peel or cinnamon. Then let the fun begin.

I’m also thinking that since wine does freeze that I could make some kick ass wine pops with this stuff. Now I can’t wait for summer!

Mine didn't look this fancy. But after three of these, you won't care what it looks like.


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