Hoggin’ the Häagen Dazs.

7 Dec

Note: You want to freak out spell check? Correctly type Häagen Dazs.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like fake foods. Or fake sugars. Or weird substitutes that get added when fat is removed.

I like real foods. With simple names. And simple ingredients.

Real food.

Despite everything I read about needing to eat less fat this, or needing to eliminate white flour that, or preventing diabetes by eating less sugar what have you, I still eat real butter, real sugar, real milk, real cheese, white bread …

So far, so good. And I plan on raising my kids the same way.

Anyway, when I discovered Häagen Dazs five, I wasn’t sure what to think. Really, only five ingredients? Really?

No sacharine? No corn syrup? No hydrogenated poly-something whatsit-ulose-ips?

Nope. Just the stuff that went into the ice cream my mama used to make. Cream, milk, sugar, flavor, eggs.

It’s the prettiest label you’ll ever see based on the ingredient list alone.

And let me tell you that Häagen Dazs five is de-ee-lic-ci-ous. Yep, five syllables of tasty going on in that little carton.

So far, I’ve had lemon, chocolate, and coffee. And I plan to try them all.

If you’re nice to me, I might share.

You may be five, Häagen Dazs five, but I give you a 10.


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