Want a little Irish in you?

28 Nov

As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one Irish pub outside of Ireland that I truly consider an Irish pub.

And trust me, I’ve been to many “Irish” pubs across the U.S. And they’re all lacking something.

Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Mockingbird Station in Dallas (although they have a new location in Allen, I just haven’t been there yet) is a true Irish pub. Right down to the wood.

Trinity Hall rocks. First off, the owner is Irish. Second, the food is badass ass. Not to mention they have quite a number of vegetarian options, as the pubs in Ireland do. Third, they know their beer.

They know their beer so well that Izzie (on of their bartenders) was awarded by Guinness for his pint pouring skills. Ever have a perfect pint? The answer is simply, ever been to Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Dallas?

In the mood for something hot instead of beer, get an Irish Coffee or a Hot Toddy. Just make sure Joe is your server; his hot drinks are to die for. In fact, I’d feel safe betting that no one can make a hot, Irish drink that could beat one of Joe’s. Having one of his Irish coffees easily turns into drinking three.

And if you’re hungry, well, you can’t go wrong. I hear the Bangers and Mash are excellent. I can tell you from experience that the Mulligatawny stew (vegetarian broth!) is heart warming. But one of my favorites is the Mockingbird Sunday, a baked potato stuffed to the nines with cheese, vegetables, and more potatoes.

Go up there on a Sunday for the Pub Quiz. Or head out there anytime, really. If there’s a soccer or rugby game playing, be prepared for a truly authentic Irish experience; the place can get crowded. Other times, it’s a great, quiet place for the whole family (yep, they have a kids’ menu).

Try to sit in either Ollie or Joe’s sections. And tell them Yummy Awesome sent you.

Sláinte, Y’all.


Don't you dare call it your pub, because it's my pub.


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