Nothing has EVER made me want to join PETA before. Until now.

23 Nov

The TurBaconEpic. Quite possibly the most disgusting combination of anything. Ever.

Bacon. Meat glue. Cornish game hen. Chicken. Bacon. Turkey. Quail. Bacon. Duck. Meat glue. Bacon stuffing.

All crammed inside of a roasted pig.

My husband is salivating at the thought. He’ll also be sleeping on the couch tonight. (Just kidding, honey.)

The only way it could get more foul is if they added peas.


2 Responses to “Nothing has EVER made me want to join PETA before. Until now.”

  1. DirtyCanadian November 23, 2010 at 11:38 PM #

    Are you kidding me? This is EXACTLY the reason why I am so thankful this year.

    Turkey + Bacon + Pig + Chicken + Meat Glue + Dirty Canadian = The Best ThanksFuckingGiving ever.

    In fact, this is the whole reason that the Pilgrims came to this great land. Because anything is possible. Even this.


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    […] Well, the boys over at Epic Meal Time have expanded upon their already insane Turbaconepic. […]

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