Wimpiest “Heart Attack” Ever

18 Nov

Standing in the buffet line, I read the sign with a mixture of fear and curiousity.

“The Heart Attack.”

What could it be? What was hiding within that  small, tempura fried shell?

Usually, food boasting about killing you is full of fats, butter, and other delicious, artery-hating things. Other times, it brags of being too hot to handle.

Curious about this heart attack, I read the tiny little sign.

“Jalapeño. Crab meat. Avocado.”

Didn’t sound very dangerous to me, but who was I to pass up a challenge that so easily agreed with my limited diet? Plus the idea of a Japanese jalapeño popper is awesome.

So I grabbed a “Heart Attack” and set forth to attack it myself.

It was damn delicious, but not threatening in the slightest, much like a regular jalapeño popper.

It was really cheap sushi, though. Perhaps I’ll find out later what the real meaning of “heart attack” is.

Regardless, I found a new favorite place for lunch. Sushi Yaa in the downtown Dallas tunnels. Give it a try. The price is right and the food is good.

All of this plus soup for less than six bucks.


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