These shoes were made for eating.

15 Nov

I’m a female. Which means there’s a 99 percent chance I love chocolate. And a 110 percent chance I like shoes.


So when presented with chocolate shoes, there’s a 209 percent chance I’ll soil myself in excitement. Throw in a fancy designer (Christian Louboutin), and I should go into shock. Then mention chocolate again, and I feasibly would forget the sugar crash of my 110 pieces of Halloween candy and hightail it to the nearest airplane to get some of these pumps.


But instead, I’m confused. Chocolate heels?


I’m sure the intention of Madame Chocolate in Beverly Hills was: Oh, how cute! They look just like Louboutins! How sassy AND tasty!


Instead, I’m not sure if I should wear them or eat them. And then the $125 price tag isn’t very appetizing, even if they’re made of the finest dark, Belgian chocolate.


I’m not even sure if I own a single pair of non-edible shoes that hit that price tag (I’m pretty cheap). And I’ve tasted some pretty expensive chocolate, too, but I certainly haven’t indulged myself that much at one time (although the chocolate counter at Neiman Marcus has made me shell out a few twenties at one time).


Anyway, if you’ve got money to burn, try on a pair of these sparkly confections. Only, don’t really try them on. I’d hate to soil that chocolate with the taste of feet.

Women be shopping. And eating.


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