I got serviced.

9 Nov

Apparently, I’m one of the last people in Dallas to eat at Neighborhood Services Tavern on the bustling Henderson Ave.

And then once I arrived, I had to wait another hour and a half for a table.

It was well worth it, though. That place is tasty (at least the food is tasty, I didn’t lick the walls or anything). And the drinks are fabulous; so any excuse to order another one is fine by me. Even if that excuse is a long wait.

I started with a little crushed berry and vodka concoction called the Amelia. Served in a martini glass and oh-so-pretty, this drink nearly made me swoon by looks alone. Then I tasted it. Mmmm. Being shoulder to shoulder with strangers didn’t even bother me with one of those tangy, sweet beverages in my hand … and brain.

BONUS: One of the bartenders had the sweetest mustache ever. We’re talking 1930s barber ‘stache. Glorious!

Once we sat, the service was friendly and prompt. And the food was DELICIOUS. Yep, in all-caps. It was so fucking good, I can’t even really remember what I had. There were grits. There were shrimp. I think there may have been some shaved Unicorn horn and Centaur sweat. Whatever they put on their food, they need to keep adding it.

There’s a bigger Neighborhood Services over on Lovers Ln. I’ll be checking that one out, as well. Try it for yourself. And tell them Yummy Awesome sent you.

The Neighborhood Services ... crest? Last I checked, neighborhood was one word. And why do monograms put the last initial in the center? I hate that.


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