No, I do not like to chew my juice.

7 Nov

Orange juice should not have pulp in it.

It’s called juice. It is NOT called fruit gruel.

My husband is a fan of pulpy juice. My husband is also a freak. I love him, but his choice in juice disgusts me. We may as well be a carnivore and a vegetarian trying to share a fridge.

Oh … shit.

Anyway, there’s nothing grosser than taking a big swig of tasty juice only to feel like mealworms are floating around in your mouth. Or maggots.

That’s what OJ pulp feels like. Maggots.

I don’t enjoy eating maggots, therefore I don’t enjoy pulp in my orange juice.

I guess I’m destined to always buy two cartons at the store. Or just stick to tea in the mornings and save the oranges for an afternoon snack.

Pulp versus No Pulp: Pulp Friction


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