100 (and 10) sugary thanks.

31 Oct

I would like to thank all our yummy fans from the bottom of my churning stomach for playing along this week. I can now officially say that I have eaten all 100 required pieces of candy. The extra 10 will have to wait until tomorrow as I can still feel that last Whopper perched at the top of my esophagus

While the plan was to wait until Halloween (sorry, Queen of Awesome), I’ve never been able to resist the sweet siren song of candy. It’s why I don’t keep it in the house. Cause if it’s here,  I will think about it until I eat it – usually in one siting. I’ve always joked that that I’m 50% bulimic – expert binger,  not-so-expert purger.  I could never bring myself to waste all that deliciousness.

We were also supposed to record some of this feasting. I started to, but after watching myself eat the first 5 candies on my computer screen, I decided no one needed to see me stuff my face with calories for 3 hours. Least of all me. Nope, better to let everyone imagine it. Perhaps some you will even think it’s sexy. If so, call me.

(And yeah, it only took 3 hours – I skipped lunch and dinner Adam Richman style to conserve space and calories. Needless to say, if anyone is looking for me tomorrow, I will be at the gym. All day. Or at the hospital getting diagnosed with diabetes.)

Stay tuned for more YummyAwesome insanity – this won’t be our last food challenge.

Before the Binge: 15 caramels, 16 starbursts, 9 red vines, 6 peanut butter cups, 4 hershey's bars, 10 kit kat sticks, 15 whoppers, 15 pretzel M&Ms and 10 twizzlers.

All that's left is a giant tummy ache. And the realization that my body's ability to ingest this much sugar has greatly declined in the past 20 years.

Happy Halloween from Yummy Awesome!


3 Responses to “100 (and 10) sugary thanks.”

  1. Brittany October 31, 2010 at 5:22 AM #

    Wow, 100 pieces in 3 hours is impressive. I ate a few dozen pretzel M&Ms today along with some cherry pie and ice cream and I feel kinda gross. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling. Probably in need of a vegetable.

    • DirtyCanadian October 31, 2010 at 4:22 PM #

      Yeah, I kind of just went for it. It was awesome until piece 70 or so. Then it became a bit harder but all in all, a fun experiment. Now, I’m off to the gym before those 100 pieces show up on my ass.

  2. SugarSlutt November 4, 2010 at 12:01 PM #

    WOW. I am so impressed with you Dirty C. You rocked that candy big time. Were the pretzel M&M’s your fave part? They would have been mine fo sho.

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