I want a veggie burger bed.

28 Oct

Forget having a race car bed. Or a canopy bed. Or any other type of allegedly cool bed.

Because they all suck compared to the salty glory of the hamburger bed.

The one downside to a hamburger bed: being blackout drunk and waking up to no bed at all.

My extensive research tells me that Kayla Kromer of Austin, Texas, created this burgerlicious bed. And by “extensive research,” I mean someone sent me the link and I read the history of the bed.

But it’s not surprising that someone from Austin had the creativity and know-how to make such a unique place to sleep. Add it to the reasons-to-move-to-Austin list.

I like the idea of food furniture. Perhaps someone should sew a taco sleeping bag (I know, not furniture). Or muffin ottomans. Or a dining table that looks like a takeout box.

All I know is that going to bed for me isn’t as delicious as going to bed is for Kayla Kromer. Yummy Awesome salutes you!


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