Do you know what 100 pieces of candy looks like?

28 Oct

I do. Because this is staring me in the face right now. Literally. This is my coffee table.

When I was young, this much candy seemed like a pirate’s ransom of goodies. A pillaging worth celebrating. A raping of the entire village’s candy stashes. A feast that would last at least a week. After which point, I would try to con my brother or sister into giving me some of theirs. This was usually accomplished by offering to do chores for them. Occasionally, it involved a little petty theft. (I’m sorry but I did say “pirate.)

Now, in my delicate 30’s, it looks a little more daunting. And yet a part of me is thrilled to have a (sort-of) legitimate reason to indulge in this much sugar.

All I know is that there will be 100 sad trick-or-treaters in the Santa Monica area this Sunday night.

And one really happy dentist in Culver City.
(I told my dentist what we were doing while I was there today. I even offered him a discounted rate on advertising if he wanted to buy space on our site. He laughed and said my upcoming business would do him just fine. I bet.)

Just 3 more “likes” to go…


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