Let’s wreck shop at Sweet Tomatoes.

25 Oct

To fully appreciate this post, you must be familiar with the song “Shots” by LMFAO. Watch it here. Even better, play the song as you read.


My husband and I were enjoying dessert at Sweet Tomatoes when a fun 80s song played over the P.A.

My husband looks up and asks me, “What would happen if they played LMFAO’s ‘Shots’ here?”

And suddenly, they were. I grabbed my husband’s bowl of chocolate soft serve and launched it across the restaurant. It stuck to a wall and slid down. He and I high-fived before leaping on top of the tables.

He jumped from booth to booth ripping the table tents apart and stomping on peoples’ salads. I climbed on top of the soda fountain in order to reach the large, hanging signs. Then I Tarzanned my way over to the salad bar.

By this time, Hubby had lifted one of the soup drums from the buffet line and was dousing an old man in Chicken Noodle. Lil John’s signature yeeeeeah blared over the speakers as a baked potato sailed through the air and smacked a six year old.

All while I danced down the salad bar. Lettuce, chopped onions, kidney beans were raining down like dolla’ dolla’ bills y’all.

“Everybody! Shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots!”

The cooks came stampeding out of the kitchen like bulls with rabies, armed with pasta sauce and various rolls. No one was safe as spoonfuls of macaroni and focaccia cheese toast splatted faces and were dumped down pants.

“I love you, baby,” my husband roared as he swirlied teenagers into the lemonade tank. I wasn’t around to hear, for I was stuffing muffins into the toilets causing an epic overflow.

And then, the song stopped. And everything returned to normal.

My husband finished off his soft serve, and I carefully folded two dollars to leave as a tip. Another successful Sunday dinner at Sweet Tomatoes had ended.

If you say so, Sweet Tomatoes.


One Response to “Let’s wreck shop at Sweet Tomatoes.”

  1. Craig October 25, 2010 at 6:37 PM #

    That really got out of hand quickly.

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