This “pig” is humiliated.

20 Oct

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that being slaughtered and having your innards on display at a meat counter is slightly embarrassing.

Granted, steaks and pork loins are dead and no longer feel much of anything. And I can’t speak for animals who already run around naked, but most people are afraid to show what’s on the outside, so showing the inside should be considered super creepy.

But some butchers take the indignity a step further. Like in this instance.


This had better not be Piggy Heaven.

What did that poor pig do to anyone? Not only was he butchered for nutrition’s sake, but he was pounded into something shapable and then molded into a cartoonish rendition of his former self.

That pig feels ashamed. Mostly because his ass is now his head.

Please stop being cute with deli meat. It’s gross enough with all of the blood and slappy sounds.


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