Oxygen bars are bullshit.

18 Oct

Not too long ago, I went to an outdoor festival and one booth caught my eye.


It featured several machines full of brightly colored liquids. People sat around a bar hooked up to these humming machines via tubes and cannula in their noses. The whole scene looked like something straight out of “Alice in Wonderland.”


I found that the people were inhaling scented oxygen.


The host of the booth was a local oxygen bar, where people go pay money to breath in food-scented air. Why? I’m not quite sure.


But it’s such a fantastic waste of money, I can’t help but be impressed by the whole idea. I mean if I wanted apple-scented air, I’d just put an apple in my oven. Or light a freaking candle. But these oxygen bars manage to get people to shell out 10, 20, 30 bucks a pop.


Not to mention you look ridiculous the entire time. Having a nasal cannula is reserved for, I don’t know, PEOPLE GETTING SURGERY! Or people undergoing asthma treatments. Or people with emphysema. Surely not the shiny shirt crowd. Right?


Besides, what a tongue tease! Making people inhale the delightful scent of fruits only to not give them fruit. Perhaps it’s an effective way to lose weight? Although if it were me with the medical device shoved up my nose, inhaling the citrusy aroma of clementines, I’d run straight to the grocery store after my session.


Oh, well. I guess there are worse things to inhale than peach-scented oxygen.

"I flat-ironed my hair for this?"



One Response to “Oxygen bars are bullshit.”

  1. ve October 18, 2010 at 8:39 PM #

    I can remember when oxygen bars first made it on to the scene. They started to pop up in Über-ultra lounges (aka douche centrals) I was 18 and had no idea what cool was, but I was sure sitting around with tubes up my nose was not it. I’m surprised it was at an outdoor festival, outdoor festivals are usually cool – oxygen bars are usually bullshit.

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