I’m sour over lemons in my water.

7 Oct

First off, I don’t remember taking this photo. But there must have been an important reason because I only take pictures of food/drinks I plan to blog about later.

So I’m assuming that the lemon was my point of contention. Because I’m not a fan of gratuitous fruit clinging to my glass.

If you’ve read this blog before, you know I love me some fruit. Perhaps I love fruit a bit too much. But I don’t really enjoy the subtle, sour twang of lemon in my water. It’s just not my thing.

Do I like lemons? You bet your ass I do. A few drops of lemon juice give zest to so many things. Fish, butter, ice cream. But when it’s a thoughtlessly chopped hunk of lemon slammed onto a glass for allegedly aesthetic reasons, I’d rather opt out.

Because that lemon gets in the way when I try to drink. And I’ll be damned if I drop that dirty thing into my water. And I’d rather not plump it on the table for the poor waiter to clean up after it’s created a sad, little lemony puddle.

Besides, if I wanted lemon in my water, I’d order lemonade.

Am I making too big a deal out of lemons on my glass? Yes. But if you’re surprised, you obviously haven’t been partaking in Yummy Awesome for long.



Get down from there, lemon!



One Response to “I’m sour over lemons in my water.”

  1. JD October 7, 2010 at 9:02 PM #

    I agree! They are dirty…

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