All of this candy is diseased.

22 Sep

Have you ever tasted AIDS?

I have. I tasted it today when I tried one of these strawberry peanut butter M&Ms.

And then I tasted it again when I unfortunately bit into a Snickers that had yellow nougat (for promo reasons, not because of decay … I think).

Not wanting to be the thrice-electrocuted mouse but really wanting chocolate, I thought, “Surely the peanut M&Ms are okay.”

They weren’t.

So, why was all of this normally delicious candy riddled with the flavor of death?


Chocolate acts like baking soda. It absorbs all of the smells and flavors of the air around it.

So if your chocolate is kept in a musty closet, it’s going to get musty. If it’s stored near your dirty laundry  hamper, your snacks will eventually taste of socks.

Even if it’s kept in a freezer for a while, it will start to take on the dry, plastic taste that old ice cubes get.

So for chocolate lovers everywhere, please be careful when caring for your candy. Especially your chocolate.

It will either kill you or kill what's already killing you.


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