Thank you, Catholic school kids, for this delicious chocolate.

14 Sep

Categorize this under “working in an office will make you fat.” In fact, I’m adding that to our ever expanding list of Categories on this website.

Because my hips are ever expanding because of this office.

Today, a very nice person came in with a very nice box of some semi nice chocolate. His kid has to sell it to raise money for his/her Catholic school. And the proceeds buy books or laptops or dry erase markers or something that kids need.

How could I say no? So I forked over two bucks and took my “dark” chocolate and almond bar with a little more greed than the Catholic church would care for.

Because I friggin’ love it when kids have to sell candy.

I love the irony. Because we tell kids not to eat candy, then force them to sell it to adults.

I love the commercialism. Because kids are at school to learn, not sell. But then they’re forced to sell.

I love the candy. Because it’s fucking candy.

This experience has only whet my appetite for the best month of the year. February. Because that’s when the Girl Scouts of America assault our shopping centers and grocery store entrances with their heavenly arsenal of cookie goodness.

I guess this chocolate bar will have to tide me over until then. Not the worst thing, really.

Because this is from a Catholic school, I can literally thank God for chocolate.


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