Accidental Addiction

8 Sep

My dad is a caffeine junkie, one of those types who can’t function without a jug of the blackest coffee in the morning.

He would always tell me that one day, I too would need coffee to survive.

Once I was an adult.

For the last few years, I’ve been very proud of myself for not becoming a caffeine junkie. Because I don’t drink coffee in the mornings.

I drink green tea instead. And I drink it all day.

And only yesterday, someone told me  that my healthy green elixir actually has far more caffeine than I thought it did.

So I attacked Google with my frantic word search. And low and behold, some green teas do contain beaucoups of the jittery stuff. Perhaps even more than home-brewed coffee.

But not all of them.

But how am I to know this? Most of my boxes and packages of tea DON’T CONTAIN THE NUTRITION INFORMATION! What in the hell? Fucking crayons contain the health information!

Although I have a faint memory of a Lipton box boasting about the low-caffeine content of their green tea. Perhaps that’s where the misconception was born.

Le sigh. I feel as if I’ve been lied to most of my life.

Now, pardon me as I go shoot this tea between my toes. It’s only nine o’clock and I’m not awake enough to write anything that makes me money.

It may as well be black tar heroin.


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