An ode to fruit. And sloths.

2 Sep

Fresh fruit is pretty much the bomb. This morning I had a kiwi for the first time in a really long time. Kiwi! I never buy them cause I hate peeling them. But when my breakfast arrived this morning, there was some pre-peeled, pre-sliced kiwi beside my eggs. And it was de-licious.

I don’t know what kind of fruit this sloth is eating. It looks like a cucumber to me which isn’t really a fruit (I don’t buy into that bullshit that tomatoes are fruits either) but I’ll cut the sloth some slack because he looks like he is enjoying it . In fact, he looks rather ecstatic. Which is how eating good fruit (like a kiwi) should make you feel. (Even if your fruit is actually a fucking vegetable.)

(Thank you for this lovely sloth photo. Your website makes me fucking giddy with delight.)


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