I’m going to have to open my own bikini coffee tamale shop.

1 Sep

Every day, this humble little food blog is pelted with people searching for:

  • Bikini Stop Tamale Shop
  • Bikini Stop Java Shop
  • Bikini Java Waco
  • Bikini Tamale Waco TX
  • I-35 Tamales
  • I-35 Bikini Waco
  • Bikini Stop Coffee Shop

Bikini Stop Whatever Shop. It’s all the same thing.

Anyway, we get the majority of our hits because I posted a snippy (yet complimentary) editorial about the whole experience. But my little post must’ve been SEO magic, because every day we send a handful of people to the real Bikini Stop page. (Hell, even the folks at Waco’s top tamale joint found the Yummy Awesome posting.)

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I wish them well, but I think their increase in traffic (via Yummy Awesome) should go rewarded. Perhaps the Queen of Awesome could get a free slice of pie out of the deal (after all, a few commenters think I’m fat so I might as well enjoy some pie).

That or Bikini’s Java should work out a deal with yours truly to redo their website.

Your food is good, guys, but your site is not very yummy and certainly not awesome.

Just to prove a point, I wrote this post intentionally for Google’s analytics. Let’s see how high it goes.

Pervs have to eat, too.


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