Your Daily Banana—Fruit Man

25 Aug

Never take kids to a classy restaurant. Because they play with their food.

Or maybe that’s exactly why you should take them.

Fruit Man 2.0—Not as Flashy as Version 1.0

My sister and I were in the pre-teen stage and our dad took us to Antares for brunch. It was the coolest freaking restaurant in the whole world (Dallas).

It existed in the top of Reunion Tower. And it spun. Every hour, the restaurant would complete a 360 degree rotation. It was awesome.

What could get even more awesome? My sister and I started building a food man. He had a chubby strawberry body. A small cheese block head. Arms of toothpicks and hands of grapes.

Our dad’s girlfriend then decided to feed our creativity. She created a hat out of a decorative plop of cake frosting and the strawberry’s leaves.

Our Cheese Head Man (that’s what we named him) was fabulous. And so we slid his base into an air vent and watched him slowly glide away as the restaurant traveled around.

We couldn’t stop laughing as we imagined people seeing this little food person hanging out by the window.

Then an hour later, Cheese Head Man returned to us! And with a host of new items—eyes, a mouth, shoes. For two kids and one child-at-heart adult, we couldn’t have been happier.

To this day, I have faith in brunch. And the open minds that encourage food art.


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