Caught red-handed!

25 Aug

Only one snack in the world can turn a person’s fingers this shade of red: the elusive “Ketchup Chip.”

Found only in the Great White North (and parts of the UK), the Ketchup Chip is considered (at least according to me) one of Canada’s most delicious concoctions.

While Americans are obsessed with BBQ and ranch flavored snacks (ewwwwww), Canadians much prefer the tangy taste of ketchup. This most likely has to do with our more refined palette.  And the fact that ketchup has already proven itself to be an excellent pairing with fried potatoes – French fries anyone?

I’ve been in the US for six years now and I still crave ketchup chips almost daily.  Last week, a lovely friend of mine was kind enough to ship a bag out to me. I tried my best to save them. I really did. But I lasted all of 2 hours. Basically, I waited until I was alone to open the bag. This is not a treat that I care to share with anyone.

I opened the bag and reached a hand in, searching for the most ketchupy of ketchup chips. Dark red, it was covered in a thick layer of flavor. I put it in my mouth and let it sit on my tongue for a moment. Savoring its deliciousness, I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, the bag was gone. Empty. NO. Not possible. I eyed my cat suspiciously. But alas, I had only my own greed to blame. Not only can I not share these chips with anyone, I can’t even ration them from myself.

I happily licked each one of my ketchupy red fingertips clean and mentally ran down a list of people I could ask to send me another bag.


4 Responses to “Caught red-handed!”

  1. Carol August 25, 2010 at 6:00 PM #

    am still waiting for my bag missus 🙂
    am pissed that one of the supermarkets here that used to sell the PC brand stopped carrying it, we have been ketchup chip free for over 4 years now.
    a buddy of mine was in canada not a month ago and asked if he could bring anything back, all i asked for was a mr.big and a bag of ketchup chips…what did i get you ask…he thought he was doing me a favour and brought back ketchup flavoured seasoning so i could enjoy the flavour over and over again, epic fail, he is now resting at the bottom of the cayman trench 🙂

  2. Queen of Awesome August 25, 2010 at 9:53 PM #

    Agh! I didn’t intent to erase the Dirty Canadian’s comment! My WordPress app has a bug.

    • DirtyCanadian August 25, 2010 at 10:00 PM #

      I hate you.

      Carrie, send me your address and I will get my sister to mail you a bag. I promise.

      • JD August 25, 2010 at 10:34 PM #

        I will gladly mail out bags of ketchup chips! No one should be without them, especially after reading this post..which made my mouth water. Now where did I put my car keys?

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