Omitting an entire food group is hard.

19 Aug

Like the title says, omitting an entire food group is hard.

I don’t eat meat. I don’t eat things that have soaked in water with meat, have been glazed with meat, or have even touched meat.

And I’m very picky.

For clarification, I adopt the Catholic version of vegetarianism—fish is okay. And I’ll eat eggs and milk and cheese, but I just don’t want the skin and muscle going in the ol’ food hole.

I feel I don’t have to explain it any further than that. Because it’s really none of your damn business (although I am putting it on the Internet).

But, as I said, cutting things out of the diet is difficult. Not because I have the desire to cheat. But because EVERYTHING HAS FUCKING MEAT IN IT!

Soups? Chicken or beef stock. Twinkies? Beef fat. Tortillas? Have lard (usually). Mexican rice? Chicken stock. French fries? Share an oily vat with the chicken.

Eating at restaurants is very very hard and the more I learn about food, the harder it gets to eat in public. And most waiters don’t give a flying shit either. They don’t care if I end up throwing up my guts later.

Thank the food gods for the Internet. Because I can do much of the leg work and research before leaving the house.

So in support of my fellow vege-pesca-ova-lacto-tarians, I’m going to create a special little page on this blog with all of my dining-out findings.

Because you should always know what you’re eating.


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