Your Daily Banana

11 Aug

The Queen of Awesome is feeling a bit hungry and nostalgic. So I’m sharing a fun food memory with you and creating a new category (we love categories).

Your Daily Banana not only speaks of one of my personal faves, but is a place to reminisce about tasty treats.

Once upon a time, both the Dirty Canadian and the Queen of Awesome worked across the hall from one another.

One thing the Canadian was great at, snacks. Her mini fridge was always stocked with hummus and carrots. And she always brought a banana. And many times, it was too ripe for her taste (but perfect for mine).

This turned into her bringing two bananas daily.

One random afternoon, we were plagued with an abnormal number of insane demands and general writer abuse (coupled with the late afternoon blood sugar crash). In an act of sheer genius or insanity, the Emergency Banana Tree was born.

It was glorious. We had yarn hanging from the ceiling that we’d hang bananas from daily. And there was some seriously haphazard, installation-art-monstrosity of a tree on the wall beside it. I can’t even remember if it was a drawing or made of string, but I remember everyone thought we were insane.

Perhaps we were. But whenever anyone needed a snack, they wouldn’t hesitate to come and get a banana.


2 Responses to “Your Daily Banana”

  1. DirtyCanadian August 11, 2010 at 11:31 PM #


    Oh, how I loved our emergency banana tree. A rare species indeed, it was the only one of its kind in the whole freaking world. Sadly, it was demolished (along with things like integrity) when when our agency merged with another.

    I miss that tree. I still bring a banana to work every day. Sometimes two. And I still like mine with a hint of green at the ends and absolutely NO brown spots. But I have yet to find anyone here who appreciates a brown banana with a Sharpie-drawn smiley face (and the words “eat me”) as much as you did, Queen of Awesome.

    (PS. The tree was colored with crayons and also had a velcro monkey hanging from the wall. I really hope I can find a picture of it.)

  2. Brittany August 12, 2010 at 12:01 AM #

    I think we should turn the Ignited tree near Eric’s desk into a banana tree. But with lots of slightly green ones. I don’t like the brown spots either.

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