Tea for Two for One

3 Aug

I am a tea drinker.

Black. Red. White. Green. I don’t discriminate based on color.

Hot. Cold. Lukewarm. Temperature isn’t important, either..

Herbal. Caffeinated. Organic. I drink it all.

I even drank it as a kid. Can you imagine being at the Olive Garden and overhearing an eight-year-old kid order a cup of hot tea? (I was around ten years old when I discovered that it could be iced.)

But my absolute favorite tea (from a restaurant, anyway) is the Honey Ginger tea served at Kuai Dumplings and Soups in the Downtown Dallas Tunnels. They actually have several flavors of tea that they make every day—lemon mint, raspberry something, mango something—but the Honey Ginger is the absolute end (which is why I capitalize it).

It’s sweet, but not too sweet. And it has that spicy kick that only real ginger has. It almost burns your throat, but in that way which makes you want more.

Which is probably why Kuai gives you a crazy-big cup, too. But that doesn’t deter little ol’ me from guzzling three down in the course of an hour.

And then rushing to the restroom every ten minutes for the next hour. Guess I’m a little over-hydrated.

Speaking of, I gotta go. And I mean that in two different ways.


2 Responses to “Tea for Two for One”

  1. DirtyCanadian August 3, 2010 at 8:27 PM #

    I am obsessed with going to tea specialty store such as Teaopia in Toronto. My sister and I can smell the teas for hours before finally deciding on no less than four different kinds. What? They have a buy three get one free dealy thingy.

    My fav is one called Spring Morning. It smells like you’re brewing a pot of strawberries.


    Go smell it if you’re in Toronto. And buy me a bag ’cause I’m out.

  2. Brittany August 3, 2010 at 9:17 PM #

    I’m crazy for ginger. And definitely a tea fan, too. Honey Ginger sounds lovely.

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