Oh, happy day!

28 Jul

Today I had the kind of day that every day should be. It was a Tuesday. And I was home from work – a free day off granted for the 80+ hours week I had just worked. So while everyone else was at work, I was enjoying a belated Saturday. And boy, did I milk it.

I slept ‘til 9am. Watched Mad Men in my PJ’s with my cat, Monkey, on my lap. Went to Yoga. Drove to Malibu. Had an ocean front lunch at Duke’s. Saw dolphins. Drove back to Santa Monica. Went to see a movie. Drank a giant diet coke. Shopped my way along the 3Rd St. Promenade. And discovered Yummy Cupcakes.

That there was a whole store devoted solely to cupcakes wasn’t what stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t that the store was called “Yummy Cupcakes” that caused my mouth to gape. It was the tray of cupcakes in the window with a card that read “Happy Day” that delighted me.

It WAS a happy day. I had smiled more times today than I have smiled in a really long time – something that will please my friend, Media. That cupcake summed up my day so perfectly, so eloquently and so deliciously that I simply had to have one. It was exactly the happy ending that my day deserved.


One Response to “Oh, happy day!”

  1. Brittany July 28, 2010 at 5:48 AM #

    Did you remember that Yummy Cupcakes was the place that “Gaywalking” YouTube guy got the cupcake he bestowed upon us at the end of his video?

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