I owe you fifty cents.

24 Jul

It’s Saturday and I’m at the office. We have a huge presentation on Tuesday so it’s not like I didn’t expect to be here. But I didn’t expect to forget my wallet at home. So now it’s 2pm and I’m starving. And more than a little irritated. Since it’s Saturday, there isn’t even any leftover meeting food to scavenge.

So I stole two quarters off someone’s desk (I’m sorry) and went to the vending machine. You’re probably wondering what the heck I could possibly buy for 50 cents when a mere bottle of water can cost upwards of $2.75 in some machines.  Well, everything in our machine is 25 cents. YES, 25 CENTS! But that’s crazy, right? No, just crazy awesome! Going up there with a dollar is like going to the store when you were a kid and a quarter bought you a whole damn bag of candy!

I had a really hard time deciding but ultimately went with a bag of cheddar Pop Chips (I will write a whole post on these one day) and a Cherry Coke Zero. Pop Chips are crunchy yet low-cal and Cherry Coke is delicious and carbonated and ummmm, delicious!

So my lunch cost a total of 50 cents and had 100 calories. I am now an economically fiscal dieter. But I doubt Weight Watchers (or my dentist) would approve.

Apologies in advance to the next victim of my petty thieving but I’m already hungry and the Queen of Awesome has me craving animal crackers. (Yep, those are 25 cents here, too!)


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