Should I eat it?

23 Jul

I love animal crackers. They’re my go-to snack.

They always make me happy near the end of the day when my blood sugar does that thing that blood sugar does.

But today, as I was chomping down on an especially crunchy cookie, my other hand failed me.

And a tasty little owl hit the floor.

And I paused. “Should I eat it?” I thought. I looked around. No one would know.

I really want that cookie,” I said to myself. And I did. I wanted that cookie more than I’d ever wanted a cookie before. For a brief moment, I was a two year old staring at an Oreo.

I quickly thought about where on the carpet it had landed. How many feet had touched that spot since it had last been cleaned. How many germs may have transferred to that little hoot.

I glanced around again.

I stared at that little cookie. I picked it up. And I …


One Response to “Should I eat it?”

  1. DirtyCanadian July 23, 2010 at 4:51 AM #

    I would have eaten it. But I’m a Dirty Canadian. I wish there was an cookie owl on my floor right now. Or maybe a cookie elephant. Yeah, definitely a cookie elephant. They’re twice as big as the owl right?

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