You have never had pizza.

22 Jul

You think you’ve had pizza. You’ve eaten some bready concoction topped in cheese and tomato sauce. Maybe threw on some mushrooms or peppers. And you were told it was pizza. And you ate it thinking it was pizza.

But it wasn’t pizza. Because you’ve never had pizza.

Sure, you did the whole Friday-night-Pizza-Hut thing when you were a kid. You may even have visited an authentic pizza kitchen in New York and had an olive oil drizzled pie.

But you still haven’t had pizza. You just think you’ve had pizza.

Me? I’ve had pizza. I’ve had the greatest pizza in the whole wide world.

It tastes like tap dancing angels. It smells of Zeus on a warm spring day. It looks like that person you liked in high school, but were always too nervous to talk to but one day he/she whispered, “Can I borrow your pencil?” and you got butterflies in your stomach and it was the single greatest day in your life.

That is what eating a pizza at Olivella’s feels like. Every single bite takes you somewhere else.

You know how people always have that “ahhh” reaction after drinking soda in some commercial? That little moment of ecstasy that doesn’t exist because no one sighs after sipping a pop?

Well, my friends. That moment DOES exist. And it exists when you get a whiff of the swirling scented heaven coming from Olivella’s oven. And it exists again when you eat the truffle pizza.

I don’t get to visit Olivella’s enough. Honestly, I would go every day because one could never tire of Olivella’s. Honestly. It defies the laws of science. Look it up.

For you Dallas dwellers who think Coal Vines is good (and it’s not), or Fireside Pies is the bomb (it’s pretty good), it’s time for you to eat some real pizza.

Olivella’s is over by SMU. It’s on McFarlin at Hillcrest. They also have a new location in Victory Plaza called Neos.

Go. Now. You won’t be sorry.


One Response to “You have never had pizza.”

  1. Noah johnson August 17, 2010 at 1:32 AM #

    i go to this place whenever i can. MY favorite lacrosse store is down the street from it so the wonderful location is just like heaven for me. Last time i went, i thought that they just had perfect pizza. But think again! Pizza fan or not this place has great salads pastas and soups if you have a heart. You can try some pizza.

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