I’m moving to Popcorn, Indiana.

15 Jul

And by that, I mean I’m moving into the Popcorn, Indiana factory that creates the delicious concoctions pictured below:

If I could, I would move directly INTO a bag of Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn and stay there forever. It tastes like heaven. And smells like warm cinnamon toast on a Canadian winter morning.

The Cocoa Kettlecorn is like a grownup version of Cocoa Puffs – minus the really fucking annoying cuckoo bird. I’m pretty sure that bird was on drugs. I didn’t think I would like it but really, what’s NOT to like about fluffy, perfectly popped corn dusted with cocoa powder? If the bag wasn’t already empty, I’d pour some in a bowl and add milk.

Keep up the flavor innovation, Popcorn, Indiana. And if you ever need any suggestions, maple is always a winner in my tummy.


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