Don’t be a half-ass.

14 Jul

This post is less about food and more about how some people eat it. Savagely rip it apart is probably more accurate. All too often I stumble across a box of donuts in the office kitchen that looks more like a violent crime scene than a sweet, sugary offering.

Pastries brutally severed in half. Sprinkles strewn about. Congealed jelly splattered everywhere.

It’s a tragic scene. One that could have been avoided if people simply ATE THE WHOLE DONUT. Why torture yourself, the donut and everyone else by tearing it in half when you know you’ll return for the other piece 20 minutes later?  Or WORSE eat half of another one.

Just eat the whole thing. Enjoy it. And then let it go.  Or go for a run if you must. But don’t taint my sugar high with your half-eaten guilt. Because I will punch you in the eye.


One Response to “Don’t be a half-ass.”

  1. Brittany July 26, 2010 at 10:39 PM #

    You’ll be happy to know that I always take a WHOLE cookie, cupcake, muffin, or whatever else they offer around the office.

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