White v. Wheat

13 Jul

Nutritionists everywhere are saying to stay away from white foods. They say eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Make your spaghetti dinner with whole wheat pasta instead of what Mom used back in the day. And use brown rice as a side dish in lieu of white rice.

Nutritionists everywhere, bite me. And salt me before you do it!

When I’m eating food, flavor accounts for about 70 percent of my do-I-eat-it decision. (The other 30 percent includes calories and corn syrup content somewhere, I’m sure.)

And in my humble opinion, white bread tastes better than wheat bread. Pasta made with white flour mixes with sauce in a way that whole wheat pasta can’t. And brown rice  has a funky texture whereas white rice is fluffy and sticky and perfect. Mmmm.

So I will continue to cram the colorless carbs into my meals. Because they’re not going to hurt me if I eat them. Only if I eat just them.

Besides. I grew up on the white stuff. And seeing as I grew up tall and lean with blood pressure to brag about, white bread didn’t hurt me then. And it’s not going to hurt me now.

Now, where can a girl get a croissant around here?


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