Pumpkin Pie Knows No Seasons

12 Jul

I don’t believe that pumpkin pie should be banished to the month of November. It’s no less nutmeggy, clovey or cinnamony if it’s eaten in July. And yet, unless you make it yourself (which I have been known to do) there are very few places you can find it between the months of January and October.

Thankfully, Urth Café always delivers. Known to many as the place where hotty Vincent Chase hangs out with his entourage, Urth Café has what I would consider to be the best pumpkin pie on earth. It’s organic. It’s vegan. And it’s so effing delicious that I have to close my eyes when I take a bite.

The crust is thick and crumbly, made out of graham crackers and rainbows. And, as you can see from the picture, they don’t skimp on the portions. I’m a purist and prefer it plain, but it comes with freshly-whipped cream on the side if you want it.

The Queen of Awesome may disagree, but I think that pumpkin should replace apple as the all-American pie. There, I said it.

I’ll probably be deported now.


One Response to “Pumpkin Pie Knows No Seasons”

  1. the Queen of Awesome July 12, 2010 at 1:34 PM #

    Pumpkin is the best. You won’t get any fight out of this American.

    Unless you take the last piece.

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